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Sadara vendor code :1000002458
Manpower and Recruitment Service

We are a leading Man power Supplier, engaged in offering Labor Supply & skilled and unskilled workers to our Oil & Gas project clients in the recruitment. Our Labor Supply services always help in recruiting the cheap labors for the prescribed jobs, which in turn helps our client in saving time, energy and our keeping cost of the project low.

“We give you the Right People for the Right Job”

We let you focus on your core business by outsourcing your recruitment tasks to Tech Point team. With our huge dedicated workforce spread across the region, large database and expert team will ensure the right people for our client.

  • Crane : 250 ton
  • Secretary - Indians, Filipino, Nepalese
  • Time Keeper & Store Keeper - Indians, Sri-Lankans
  • Engineers (Civil/ Electrical/ Mechanical) - Indians, Filipino ,Sri-Lankans
  • Safety Officer, Safety Supervisor, safety Manager - Indians, Filipinos, Pakistanis
  • QC and QA Engineer - Indian
  • Driver(Heavy / Light Driver) - Indians, Pakistanis
  • Operator of Forklift / Crane/ Loader/ Dozer - Indians, Pakistanis
  • Skilled Labor & Semi Skilled Labor - Indians, Sri-Lankans, Bangladeshis, Nepalese
  • Carpenter - Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Sri-Lankans, Indians
  • Mason - Indians, Bangladeshis, Nepalese, Sri-Lankans
  • Pipe - Fitter Indians, Nepalese
  • Fabricators - Indians, Filipinos
  • Welding Foreman - Pakistanis, Indians
  • Instrument Technicians - Indians
  • 3G and 6G Welders - Indians and Sri-Lankans
  • Tig Welder (Certified) - Indians
  • Electrician - Sri-Lankans, Indians, Nepalese
  • Millwright - Indians
Equipment Rental

Tech Point helps you solve your equipment and construction challenges through our vast equipment offerings, quick response times and proximity and having convenient rental plans. If you need assistance with equipment rental, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to help.

Our rental department involves Construction Equipments. We suggest reserving equipment and fleets in advance whenever possible.

  • Crane : 250 ton
  • Crane : 180 ton
  • Crane : 150 ton
  • Crane : 120 ton
  • Crane : 100 ton
  • Crane : 80 ton
  • Crane : 50 ton
  • Crane : 25 ton
  • Forklift : 3 ton
  • Forklift : 5 ton
  • Forklift : 7 ton
  • Forklift : 10 ton
  • Air Compressor : 850 C.F.M.
  • Air Compressor : 450 C.F.M.
  • Air Compressor : 190 C.F.M.
  • Welding machine : 400 AMPS
  • Low bed Trailers : 40 ton
  • Flat bed Trailers : 20 ton
  • Dump Truck : 16 Cub. mtr
  • Dump Truck : 32 Cub. mtr
  • Buses : 50 Seated & 30 Seated
  • Tower light : Generator cum 4 sets of bulbs
  • Generators 50,100 kvA, 200,300 kvA.
  • Loader : 966
  • Boom Truck : 10 ton
Material Trading

To accommodate the demands of our clients, we have extended our business in the horizon of material supplies as well. We have array of Engineering goods and services of different international and domestic brands. Our materials supply are complete line of installation tools, drill bits, fasteners, screws, anchors, adhesives, batteries, conduit boxes, connectors, ladders and accessories specifically designed for Installations. Now there is no reason to run around town looking for hard to find items. If we don’t stock what you need, we will always be glad to special order it for you.

Products we deal with Electrical Items, Mechanical Items, Welding Items, Safety Items, Fittings, Flange, Valves, PVC & GI, Gaskets, Hand Tools, Stationery, Power Tools, Fasteners, Pumps, Industrial Paints etc.

  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Electrical and Electronics Device
  • Hydrolic Valves
  • Electrical Pumps
  • Hydrolic Pumps
  • Low Voltage Cables
  • Straping Tools
  • Lath Machine
  • Drilling Machine
  • Core Drilling Machines
  • Construction Row Material
  • Security Devices
  • Safety Items
  • Stationery Items

When your project nedds scaffolding service, contact Tech Point We are a professional team with the best equipment hire and erection resources and who can complete the job safely, at a competitive price and on time.

We work in every area of property development and construction. Our scaffolding teams are helping to create better buildings including small works, Industrial scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, marine scaffolding etc.


Tech Point Transportation has provided a vital link for Saudi businesses requiring transportation of consignments within KSA. Our company has ever since been a leading logistics service provider. We have built a reputation of reliability in transportation of goods and parcels locally and nationally due to our professional approach, competitive pricing and large network. With the quality of service rendered by us right from the inception.

We are committed to providing safe, dependable transportation service to our customers and To meet our goal, organization shall strive,

  • Prompt & Positive response
  • Team Performance
  • On time delivery of goods
  • To reduce customer complaints
  • With a mission to make continual improvement in all aspects

Customers have the power to choose in this competitive and open market. Our aim is to provide high quality service along with fair and competitive pricing.

Civil & Electrical

Tech Point's mission is to develop general construction bids where turnkey solutions are required by the client. These construction activities include the Supply and Installation of Water proofing, Air conditioning, Ducting, General Contracting, Housing Construction, Building Maintenance, Infrastructure Works, Mechanical Maintenance and other General Maintenance Works in the Refineries. Nowadays we mainly dealing in Construction works.

These include Excavation, Grading, Cutting and filling, Back filling, Masonry, Demolition and Buildup, wall siding, Installation of new decorative sidings, Board Cladding and Mineral finish, external and Internal Carpentry, General electrical works, Re roofing, General Painting, Structural Steel, External Facade, General Welding and Pipe Working, Fire Protection and Alarm systems, concrete repair and injection, Installation of sports flooring, Air-conditioning Climate control systems and other Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works.

Our Expertise Includes

  • Executing site development set outing and layout, surveying, and leveling.
  • Construction of concrete structures and concrete paving for industrial plant amenities.
  • Construction of multistoried and residential buildings including finishing and furnishing.
  • Preparation of technical procedure for the works to be under taken.
  • Preparation of QC Dossier and As-built drawings for submittal.
Carton Box Services

Tech Point is one of the largest producers of high quality folding cartons working with customers across industry segments. We design and manufacture rigid paperboard boxes for all types of products and industries.

We are passionate craftspeople dedicated to delivering “Wow!”. We engage with brand owners early on in the development process to understand their specific needs, and partner with them to create packs that stand out on the shelves and shape consumer experiences.

Tech Point combines its technical expertise with market insights to deliver customized solutions that exceed customer expectations.